Coastal Bend Women Lawyers Association
Historical documents are in .pdf format.
The Formation of CBWLA (1986-1988)
Overview of the early formation of CBWLA written by Judge Marisela
Saldana in February, 2007.

Letter of May 28, 1986 , which Marisela Saldana sent to the founders of
what would become CBWLA in preparation for the June 11, 1986
organizational meeting.  This letter or one like it was sent to:  Judge Hilda
Tagle, Judge Rene Haas, Shirley A. Selz, Anne Kollmorgan, Georgia Flint,
Edna de los Santos, Jeanne Chastain, Portia Bott, and Evelyn Huerta.

Letter of June 2, 1986 , which the founding committee sent to all female
attorneys that they had identified at the time.

Agenda for the Organizational Meeting of the Coastal Bend Women
Lawyers Association, June 11, 1986

Notes by Marisela Saldana for the presentation at the organizational meeting
on June 11, 1986

Thank You Note from Marisela Saldana to Judge Rene Haas for hosting the
June 11, 1986 organizational meeting.

Letter of June 12, 1986 to Brenda Baker as head of the Steering Committee
to form the organization.

Letter of June 17, 1986 from Judge Tagle regarding attendance at the June
11, 1986 meeting and committees that were formed.

Letter of September 22, 1986 to all known female attorneys from the
Steering Committee surveying interest in the organization.

Bylaws adopted August 18, 1988.  These are the first bylaws of the
The First Fiscal Year (1988-1989)
Notice of Social Gathering sent to membership by Deanie King, Secretary,
on June 28, 1989.
The Second Fiscal Year (1989-1990)
Letter of August 28, 1989 from Marisela Saldana to the officers setting up
the first Executive Committee meeting of the fiscal year.  The same letter
went to Maxie L. Houser, Beverly H. Jones, and Deanie King.

Press Release of September 29, 1989 regarding the 1989-90 elections.
IRS Status :   501(c)(6)