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Coastal Bend Women Lawyers Association
Past Projects (a selection)
Choice Living, Family Counseling Service
Raised $10,000 for this program that offers counseling to teenage girls
who have run afoul of the law.  Counseling offers them better perspective
on their lives and improves communication with their family and other
members of their community.
Ronald McDonald House
Raised $10,000 through the Spring Luncheon for donation to the Corpus
Christi Ronald McDonald House.  The Ronald McDonald Houses
provide temporary housing to families who are attending to children that
require hospitalization away from their home community.
Women for Women, International
People in attendance at the 2002 Spring Luncheon made individual
donations and sponsored women through Women for Women,
International after hearing the presentation by Zainab Salbi.  Women for
Women helps train women in war-torn areas, many of whom have lost
husbands or other means of support, to earn a living through crafts and
other businesses.
Restoration of Lady Liberty on Bee County Courthouse
Lauron Fischer, at the age of 12, saw that the statue atop the Bee County
Courthouse was desperately in need of repair and restoration.  CBWLA
assisted in that effort by raising and contributing $13,000 toward that
cause through the 2001 Spring Luncheon.
Scholarship for Texas A & M ROTC
The 2000 Spring Luncheon raised funds for a $10,000 scholarship.
YWCA Teen Pregnancy Program
The 1999 Spring Luncheon raised funds for a $7,500 contribution to this
program, designed to reduce teen pregnancy in the Corpus Christi area,
which has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country.
Rainbow House
The 1997 Spring Luncheon raised funds for a $250 contribution to this
homeless shelter for women operated by Corpus Christi Metro Ministries.
Dress for Success
Our members did a clothing drive for this program, which outfits women
who do not have the funds needed to obtain appropriate attire for job